SponServe – The New Best Practice Sponsorship Management Tool


SponServe – The New Best Practice Sponsorship Management Tool

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SponServe is a company which develops cloud based sponsorship management software; the Canberra based company came about to address a problem many rights holders face, that of sponsorship management. Those not abreast of sponsorship paradigms and concerns may not readily appreciate how maintaining relationships with sponsors can be a cumbersome task for organisations. Before the onset of SponServe, and similar innovative solutions to sponsorship management concerns and problems, hard copy records and spreadsheets were maintained detailing an organisation’s relationship with its sponsors.

The issue with in-house complying and maintenance of requisite sponsorship tasks and requirements is that mistakes are readily made and obligations can go unfilled; it is also very administrative heavy, with events sometimes taking days of preparation, simply to ensure everything is delivered which is contractually obliged. Then, at the end of a sponsorship period, or an agreed upon time when reports to sponsors are due detailing the fulfilment of contractual requirements, many organisations find they have been remiss in fulfilling their obligations. Again, that comes to light after weeks of heavy administration, involving the trawling of spreadsheets and hard copy agreements, to acquit and prepare reports.

Rights holders often have bespoke sponsorship management needs and concerns, given the need to give large numbers of sponsors different agreed upon benefits, often with the short window of time allowed through finite events. SponServe’s innovative solution to problems in sponsorship management for rights holders allows for obligations to sponsors to be readily managed at the push of a button.

SponServe’s products address an industry need that had previously gone underdressed, or when thoroughly addressed was done so by select employees who carried with them masses of tacit knowledge. Wherein previously employees would spend long periods preparing for the delivery of benefits and then generating end of period reports to demonstrate the fulfilment of obligations to sponsors, and often finding the requirements wanting; SponServe’s software allows for ongoing monitoring of requirements and quick report generation.  


Mark Thompson, SponServe, accepts the ACT Government’s Sports Technologies New Innovator’s Award.

The use of SponServe’s software allows rights holders increased time for the following: building relationships with existing sponsors; identifying property gaps and securing new sponsorship agreements; addressing distressed stock, streamlining administrative processes; reviewing the execution and benefit of agreements; the streamlining of review and reporting processes; pursuing targeted business development opportunities and implementing procedures concerning the retention of staff knowledge.

The idea for SponServe came about, as many good companies have, through an epiphany brought about by a casual conversation between friends. SponServe’s Co-founders and Directors are directly involved in sponsorship management and marketing; while discussing the pitfalls of existing, in-house generated systems, they discovered their collective potential to address a market need. Building upon their initial observation, those involved in SponServe have established a growing company which is quickly gaining traction, attracting clients and testimonials.

“SponServe has allowed our small Sponsorship and Sales team to spend more time on relationship building, up-selling and meeting with potential sponsors, which is a huge positive for our organisation. The user friendly database and reporting functionality has not only provided senior management with improved visibility of our Sponsorship and Corporate Hospitality Program but it has played a significant role in delivering partner benefits and monitoring return on investment outcomes.”

Jason, Mathie, Commercial and Marketing Manager, Canberra Raiders.

SponServe’s software is able to be readily applied to any and all rights holders including sports, the Arts, Not-For-Profits and events; anyone who has sponsors. While not only providing a ready and easy means to manage sponsorship duties and requirements, SponServe also provides consultancy services. SponServe’s consultancy services help businesses, companies and organisations with the following: auditing, overviews of an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses; planning, developing strategic sponsorship plans; training, transferring necessary skills across a team of staff and targeting, tailoring services and focusing on an organisation’s specific areas of concern.

SponServe were recently awarded for their efforts in creating an innovative product for the sports industry by the ACT Government, the company received the ACT Government’s New Innovator’s Award, which carries with it a five-thousand-dollar cash prize. SponServe received the award at the Australian Sports Technologies Network’s Showcase and Executive Luncheon event recently held in the Australian Institute of Sport’s Arena. SponServe also exhibited during the Showcase portion of the event, engaging those in attendance, particularly those representative of respective sporting organisations, as to how their product could help to best manage organisation’s sponsorship concerns.

“With various staff responsible for managing sponsors and delivering benefits, Sponserve has given us a central management point that has helped us to ensure we deliver every benefit we promise. We’ve also saved loads of time using the reporting function on an ongoing basis to engage and better communicate with sponsors.”

Julian Buckmaster, General Manager, Business Development and Marketing, Touch Football Australia

SponServe’s team is comprised of the following equal shareholders, Co-Founders and Directors: Mark Thompson, Paul Dykes,  Daniel Oyston, and Tim Canham. SponServe’s team bring with them decades of collective experience in marketing, sponsorship and branding, with this bank of knowledge coalescing in a thoroughly considered product with ready and knowledgeable backend and industry support.


SponServe’s product ensures that not only are all the requirements of sponsors met, but that many pre-existing in-house systems employed by respective organisations are brought into the 21st century. By allowing for the storing, cataloguing and ready use of an organisation’s sponsorship agreements and inventory obligations and their successful fulfilment, SponServe also eliminates concerns over the loss of tacit knowledge and those of onboarding employees to systems and processes peculiar to respective organisations.

SponServe have also caught the eye of sponsors, or brands, who have approached them about using the system to manage their multiple sponsorships across many different areas. In response to this need, SponServe are developing a brand version and are working to a time when a brand comes onboard. Following this time, with a few simple set-up steps, SponServe will start collating relevant agreement data from all the organisations they sponsor, because those organisations are also using SponServe. The company is aiming for an early 2016 launch of the brand version of SponServe.

More information about SponServe can be found via their website.

Current SponServe clients:

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