Jessica May, CEO, Enabled Employment, a finalist in the ACT Telstra Business Women’s Awards


In Enabled Employment’s first year of operations, CEO Jessica May has been named as a finalist in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards ACT.

Enabled Employment is an online marketplace specifically designed for people with disabilities, and our Defence Force veterans, and is a privately owned company funded by venture capital.

“There is a huge untapped talent pool of people with a disability who can use technology to earn a living through our online marketplace,” said CEO Jessica May.

The company provides flexible work to people with a disability with inclusive employers, including Uber, and has recently expanded operations to provide a separate website to former Australian Defence Force personnel and their families.

The lack of an employment service which could connect ADF veterans and people with disabilities drove the formation of the company, which is nominated for the Startup Award in the Telstra Women’s Business Awards.

The brain child of Ms May, the company links highly skilled people, whether Australian Defence Force veterans or people with disabilities, with employers who need specialist staff who are able to work with flexible conditions including working from home and a results oriented work environment.

The company differs from government sponsored employment services by providing a self-serve one-stop-shop with no government funding, for veterans and people with disability to browse and obtain work, and by encouraging employers to use the untapped talent of those people currently living with post service physical or psychological injuries, or those with a disability who are unable to find work due to access or equity issues, or a lack of flexible working options.

“Australia’s disability employment participation rates are some of the lowest in the OECD, and we intend to change that,” said Ms May.

More details about Enabled Employment are available via the company’s website.


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