Pizza and Pixels, August, 2015


Pizza and Pixels, August, #6

The monthly meetup of Canberra’s game development community, Pizza and Pixels, is continuing to go from strength to strength under the guidance of its new organiser, Jarrod Farquhar-Nicol. The previous organiser of Pizza and Pixels, Matt Stimson, had begun, before his departure, to augment the meet-up to feature a focus on the commercial aspects of game development. Mr Farquhar-Nicol has built on the efforts of his predecessor. Mr Farquhar-Nicol has been asking attendees to the Pizza and Pixels meetups to nominate the main areas of commercial concern, in game development, they would like explored through events held either during or in association with the monthly meet-up.

Building upon his surveying of attendees, Mr Farquhar-Nicol has most recently arranged for an exciting addition to the Pizza and Pixels programme, Career Mode, an ongoing series of events focused on the business side of game development. The first Career Mode event, Career Mode: The Business of Making Video Games, will be held on Monday, September 21st, from 6 to 9 pm, in the function rooms of the CBR Innovation Network. The Career Mode: The Business of Making Video Games event is the first in a planned ongoing schedule of auxiliary events which will complement the monthly Pizza and Pixels meet-ups. Mr Farquhar Nicol took attendees to the Pizza and Pixels meet-up for the month of August through the finer points of the event.

As Mr Farquhar-Nicol told those in attendance, the inaugural Career Mode event is set to be an open discussion focused on the business side of game development, in particular the marketing of games, an essential element in the success of smaller, independent developers. Future Career Mode events will focus on different areas of interest. The first Career Mode event will feature an impressive line-up of guest speakers, with the following attending: James Kozanecki, PR Specialist, Surprise Attack; Colin Anstie, CEO, Raging Digital and Luke Plunkett, Contributing Editor, Kotaku. Mr Farquhar-Nicol will be moderating the event, and attendees are invited to submit questions to the guest speakers in advance by emailing Attendees are to arrive at 6 pm for refreshments, before the event begins at 6:30 pm; attendees are informed when purchasing tickets over the Eventbrite website that a portion of the event will be filmed.

Aside from the Career Mode: The Business of Making Games event, Mr Farquhar-Nicol also detailed many recent developments relevant to Canberra’s game development community, and events which have recently been held or that are quickly approaching. These exciting developments and events include the following:

PAX Australia, the electronic games expo, will be held in Melbourne, between the 30th of October and the 1st of November this year.

● The YWCA has recently opened a Computer Clubhouse, an ‘out-of-school learning space’ for children from underserved communities, in the suburb of Tuggeranong. The Computer Clubhouse was mentioned by Mr Farquhar-Nicol at the Pizza and Pixels meetup for the month of August, as the YWCA is seeking mentors to assist the children in making use of the space.

● The Digital Australia 2016 Report has been released, the report is of interest to Canberra’s game development community because of the insights it contains into the prevalence of electronic entertainment media in Australian households. The Digital Australia 2016 Report is a research report commissioned by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, produced by Bond University.

● The Pizza and Pixels meet-up now has a logo, a pixelated image of a slice of pizza (the logo is visible as the cover photo to this article).

● Mr Farquhar-Nicol is attempting to establish a register of Canberra’s game developers, to aid in the commissioning of developers for select projects, and to inform the attempts of the Pizza and Pixels meet-up to engage Canberra’s game development community at large. The directory is available here.

● InnovationACT 2015 recently launched, the program aims to foster and promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and to provide participants with an education in both. Participants in InnovationACT 2015 will be taken through a comprehensive learning journey to transform their ideas into viable business models and social ventures. Details on InnovationACT 2015 are available via the program’s website.

The monthly Pizza and Pixels meetups are a must for those interested in gaming and game development, register for future meet-ups through

The next Pizza and Pixels meetup will be held on the 14th of September, from 6 pm, details are available here.


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