David is a former political staffer, current consultant, still a student and a devoted, loving father to his young daughter Ellie. He is the magazine's inaugural political affairs writer, giving him an outlet for business and entrepreneurial ideas that don't always meld with his day job.7 Articles

Mat very recently was awarded a PhD in theoretical physics at the Australian National University. After getting about as many qualifications as one can to be a scientist, he’s decided not that science isn't for him, but that he isn't for science. He lacks the patience for real research and so Mat fits better within the intersection of science and society. The two main intersections are how research and technology is injected into the world (through business and innovation), the how it is injected into each of our lives (through media and philosophy). Mat is currently working on a super-secret start-up in the health sector, supporting himself with a job at the commercialisation arm of the ANU.2 Articles